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Private Detective offers clients highly qualified services on a 24-hour basis
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Investigation of family cases, investigation of betrayal, finding a person, business security-intelligence.

Legal services full range

Our highly qualified lawyers
Offer full service
The range of any legal
In the direction of

Journalistic investigation

We offer any type Journalistic investigation.
Information Analytics The agency team will
work In the direction you want And will give
you the result as a conclusion.

Private detective service

                                                  Full range of private detective services

                        (Adopted, established and ratified by international norms of Georgia)

Detection of criminal surveillance, countermeasures
Mobile phone, vehicle control
Cell Phone and Vehicle Inspection (Countermeasures)
A complete package of business security
Conducting strategic research
Lie detector
Full range of legal services

Private Detective

Which will solve you all
Problem 24 hour work In mode

Full range of services

24 hour working mode

Phone Spy

We offer programs for which
Through it you will be able to any
Kind of  Android monitors.

GPS Control

Device monitoring in real time is
performed from a computer or from
a cell phone.

Lie Detector

You use the mentioned service
Both physical as well as legal
Persons, it is also noteworthy that
The lie detector creates a new one
Alternatives to litigation
In the direction of.

Surveillance equipment

Device monitoring in real time is
performed from a computer or
from a cell phone.


Online monitoring

Devices are monitored in real time from a computer or mobile phone. Not for Installing the necessary special programs neither on the server of the organization nor on the working computer is enough through the browser access the WEB interface using a login and password.

Determine the exact location according to GPS.

Satellite navigation signals ensure accurate location, speed and direction of movement. actually and accurate information enables online monitoring of devices and viewing detailed movement history.

In addition to the traffic settings, it is also possible to view various current information in real time, such as: Sensors data, mileage, activity time, who drives the car. The display of the above information is regulated by your need according to.

Detailed maps

Monitoring system GPS Control offers the largest selection of maps. All maps are licensed; You can use maps at no extra charge.

The system offers 12 maps with streets and pictures from the satellites, which provides an ideal cartographic coverage both in Georgia and anywhere in the world. Switches maps with a single mouse click. If the selected map unable to provide the required detail, you will definitely find the information you are looking for when choosing another map.


A reasonable search automatically displays the address you are looking for on the map. If the information at the address is incomplete, the system here are some of the most up-to-date options.

The address of the place is also indicated in the alarms, messages and analytical reports, which allows us to easily identify where the event was recorded, where it started and  where the route ended. Except for the address, all of the above information is accompanied by accurate Geographical coordinates.

History of routes

The monitoring system keeps a detailed history of the movement of the devices for 6 months. At any time you can show the movement of the device on the map. It also states:

Start, stop and end address, date and time;
Device data transmission address, date and time;
Total duration and distance;
Movement time, stop time, motorcycles;
Average and maximum speed;
Fuel consumption;

Alarms and messages

GPS Control allows you to monitor a wide range of events through a flexible control system, which is based on the location recorded by the devices and the breach of pre-established conditions. The relevant conditions are determined by the user in advance, in the context of a specific device.

Phone Spy

We offer control of any Android system phone, tablet

After installing the program you can:

Listen to realtime mode, or view the recording at any time.
Remotely control and listen to the open microphone (mobile surroundings)
Spy on Chat Software. iMessage, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, skype, LINE and + 12 appss
All records are stored: skype, Facebook, Viber, LINE, WhatsApp, etc.
Keylogger: Record keystrokes, you can see if anything is typed on the keyboard.
All images, videos and audio recordings are also stored.
Remotely control the cell phone camera.
You will see: SMS, e-mails, web history, Bookmarks, application usage,
Address book, notes, calendar.
Has 100% invisible mode.
Remote update.

Lie detector

Private Detective offers polygraph services. The service will be provided by the specialists of the association. 
The service of a lie detector requires the consent of the person who is to be checked on the polygraph.
Polygraphy is done according to pre-prepared questions, the content and language of which must be agreed upon
With a representative of the Association in advance.
After the polygraph test, the questions and answers, which are recorded in a special program, are finally
Will be formed in the form of a conclusion, which will present the answers to the questions given by the polygraph
Personality, is reflected in changes in the software indicator, which forms the basis for the assumption of these responses
In right or wrong.
This service is used by both individuals and legal entities. It is noteworthy that the lie
The detector creates a new alternative to litigation.

Surveillance equipment

We offer different types of surveillance equipment:

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